How to Access the Internet Without a Phone Line

by Chris YokumUpdated September 28, 2017
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The Internet can be used for common activities such as watching streaming movies, listening to music, and videoconferencing. One of the most common ways of accessing the Internet is to use a traditional phone line with a dial-up connection. If you don't have a traditional phone line there are other ways to get online. With a few simple suggestions, you'll soon learn how to access the Internet without a phone line.

Make a decision as to what type of Internet connection you'd like to have. You'll still be able to select a high-speed Internet connection that doesn't require a standard phone line. Depending on your location, you'll be able to subscribe to a cable Internet plan. In areas that don't have this type of service available, you may also get a satellite Internet service.

Contact your local cable provider and ask about the available high-speed Internet plans for your area. A cable representative will advise you about the speed and features of several plans. If you'd rather view all of the services and features of these Internet plans before making a decision, consider visiting the provider's website. A few examples of cable Internet providers include Comcast, Charter and Cox.

Use the existing Internet connection of a friend or family member to perform an online search. Visit the websites of satellite Internet providers, such as WildBlue, HughesNet and Earthlink Cable Internet. Compare the various high-speed Internet service providers according to their prices, speed and other features. Make a list of the the things that mean the most to you and choose a high-speed Internet provider that will suit your needs.

Use a free Wi-Fi Internet connection at an available hotspot. If you're using a mobile device or notebook computer with a built-in Wi-Fi feature, you'll be able to access the Internet in a variety of places. Many coffee shops, airports, public libraries and hotels offer free or paid access to a high-speed Internet connection through Wi-Fi.

Purchase a Wi-Fi subscription service through your mobile phone carrier. For a specific fee, a service agreement and a compatible Internet plan, you'll have the chance to browse the web and perform many of your regular online tasks. Buy a Wi-Fi mobile PC Card from your cellular provider and insert it into your notebook computer. Depending on the coverage area, you'll have access to the Internet on the go and in your home when you need it.


Always compare the pricing of several high-speed Internet services before making a final decision. Speak to family members and friends about their current high-speed Internet connection to get helpful suggestions.

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