How to Uninstall Oberon Games

by Christian GarciaUpdated September 28, 2017

Oberon Games, a division of Oberon Media, is an entertainment development company that funds, develops and distributes PC, mobile, online and console games. It holds offices internationally, from the United States, Korea, Israel and other countries. Founded in 2003, it has acquired a few other companies and received financing from investors to support it's growth and expansion. Currently, Oberon Games offers casual games in the sports, puzzle, card & board, and word genres. This guide will help you uninstall any of these games from your computer.

Start up your computer, if not already done. Open your start menu and left-click on "Control Panel."

In the Control Panel window, double-click on "Add or Remove Programs." This will lead you to a window with all your currently installed programs. Locate the Oberon Game you wish to uninstall and click on it.

Now that the game is highlighted (for example, "Chess" or "Backgammon") press the "Change/Remove" button on its bottom right hand corner. Follow the steps to uninstall the game program.

You may also choose to uninstall the game manually. Locate the folder the game is installed in by right-clicking on the game icon on your desktop. Press "Properties" on the menu that pops up. Then press the "Find Target..." button in the new window.

This will now lead you to the game installation folder. Locate the file named "uninst" or "uninstall" and double click on it. Follow the instructions to remove the game from your system. Restart your computer.


You should retain your installation CD of the Oberon Game, if you had one. If you ever want to play the game again, you will need to reinstall the game with this CD. Deleting the shortcut of the game from your desktop will not uninstall the game.


In the "Add or Remove Programs" window, be sure to only click on the Oberon Game you wish to remove. Clicking on a different program may make your computer unstable or result in an accidental loss of data.

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