How to Make Printable Anniversary Invitations

By Esperance Barretto

Updated September 22, 2017

Personalize your printable anniversary invite with a poem to make it memorable.
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Make your anniversary celebration an occasion to remember by starting out with personalized invitations. Whether you are planning to celebrate your own wedding anniversary, that of your parents or a friend’s, free online printable invites help you customize the anniversary invitation to your preference. These printable invites are quick and easy to create, and save you time and money. You can treasure your printable anniversary invite as a memorable keepsake long after the celebration is over.

Visit free printable anniversary invitation websites such as, or to select your anniversary card.

Customize the selected card with your information and to your taste. Edit the text, and change the background color, font type and size. Add a photo of the couple who is celebrating the anniversary. Save the changes that you make on the card.

Connect your computer to a printer and print your invitation on card stock or handmade paper.


Include a brief poem or a quote that is relevant to the anniversary celebration as part of the invitation.

You can also save a soft copy file of the card on your computer and take the invitations to a print shop for printing.