How to Download Free Movies on the Internet

By Rhonda Campbell

Updated September 22, 2017

Download Free Movies on the Internet
i movie reel image by Maria Bell from

Several websites allow users to download movies for free on the Internet. Net Movie Downloads, Movie 6, Internet Movie Database and 80 Million Movies Online are among the most popular websites that you can access to download free movies. These types of websites provide trailers, reviews, actor and actress profiles, games and software that you can enjoy online or download as well. To gain access to the sites, you may have to register with the company and create a login and password. Most sites have a similar setup on how to download free movies.

Go to Browse through the available movies for download on the right side of the screen under “Top Box Office Movies,” “Recent” or “Movies.” Click on the name of the movie you want to download.

Check to see if your computer already has Real Player. For computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems, go to “Start” and then click “All Programs.” Scroll down the drop-down box and search for a program titled “Real.” Click on the word until the field expands and you see “Real Player” to confirm that you have the full program on your computer.

Add Real Player to your computer if your computer does not currently have Real Player installed. Go to Real Player’s official website. Go to the upper right side of the screen under “Get Real Player Free” and click “Free Download.” If you want to download Real Player to your iPod or burn movies to a DVD, purchase a copy of Real Player Plus for a one-time fee.

Download the movie. Allow the computer to open a new screen. Go to upper-right corner of the newly opened screen titled “Real Player and Download Manager.” Click the icon with the hyperlink titled “Download video.”

Wait for the movie to download. Keep in mind that computers with larger amounts of available hard drive space will likely download movies quicker than computers with smaller amounts of available hard drive space. After the movie downloads, click on the link titled “Play.” The movie will begin to run with audio on your computer monitor.