How to Make a DVD Slideshow

By Jeffrey Brian

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Scanner

  • Video-editing program

  • Blank DVDs

DVD slideshows are great ideas for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. It's fun for everyone to watch photos of the honored guests through the years, as well as their family and friends. Making one of these slideshows is simple, and you can customize it any way you like to fit your needs. They make great presents and surprises that will make someone feel special and warm her heart.

Select the photos you want to use. If the photos are hard-copy photos that have to be scanned, put them in the order in which you want to see them in the video slideshow. If they are all digital photos, copy them and place them in a folder on your computer or hard drive, then rename them numerically in the desired display order.

Scan the photos and save the files according to their order in the video: The first photo you would like to see should be "1," the next "2," and so on. If the files are digital, transfer them to your computer or hard drive if they are not already on the storage device you will be using for editing the project.

Open your editing program and save the project as the title of your video, such as "Mom's birthday" or "Kevin's wedding." Import the photos into a photo folder within the program. Select the music you would like to use for the video. Import this and set it in a music folder.

Drag each photo down to the work bar and place them in the correct order. Separate the photos onto two work bars. Put the first photo on the top bar and the second photo on the bottom bar, the third on the top, the fourth on the bottom and so on. Drag and drop a cross-fade transition to each end of every photo.

Start on the first photo and set the movement settings. Make the photo either move in-to-out or out-to-in. Repeat with the next photo, making sure it alternates: If the first photo started at a wider angle and zoomed in, the next should start zoomed in and zoom out. Repeat with all of the photos. Move each photo so the ends of the transitions touch one another and overlap. Thus, the ending transition cross-fade of the first photo should overlap with the first cross-fade of the second photo. Repeat with all of the photos.

Lay down your music tracks and set the transitions as needed. Render the video, then save it and export. Next, burn it to a DVD using your favorite DVD-burning program. Then pop it in your DVD player, kick back and enjoy the show!


Put your photos in order before you scan them, and save the files in numerical order


Don't use static images or leave breaks in the music.