How to Connect Wii to a Wireless Router

by C.D. CrowderUpdated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii is a popular family game console. You can download games and play online through Wii's online portal.

Wii makes connecting to a wireless router a painless process. (Nintendo recommends only using a high-speed connection). Many users enjoy connecting their Wii to their home network to download old Nintendo favorites, such as the original Super Mario Brothers. Wii also makes system updates available for users to download. Whether you use it for online play, downloading, or just to stay updated, you should consider connecting your Wii through a wireless router.

Click the "Wii" button in the lower left corner of the main Wii console screen.

Go to "Wii Settings" and "Internet."

Click "Connection Settings" and select a connection that's marked "None."

Select "Wireless Connection" and "Search for Access Point."

Choose which access point to connect to and click "OK."

Click the "Wii" button in the lower left corner of the main Wii console screen.

Go to "Wii Settings" and "Internet." Click "Connection Settings" and choose an open connection that's marked "None."

Choose "Wireless Connection" and "Manual Setup."

Enter the SSID for your router. Click the blue arrow to the right of the box to go to the next screen.

Enter security information. If you don't use WEP or WPA security, skip to the next screen.

Choose whether or not to auto-obtain the IP and DNS information. If you don't choose to auto-obtain, go to "Advanced Settings" and enter your IP information.

Set the MTU value. Most users leave this blank, but it can be set at 1500 if you have trouble connecting.

Choose "Save" and "OK." Select "OK" again to test the connection.


Most users choose to search for an access point to keep the process simple.

If you are using the manual setup, you will need to have your SSID and IP information ready. You can obtain this from your router settings and IP/TCIP settings from your Internet connection settings.

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