How to Repair a Scratched PS2 Game at Home

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Toothpaste

  • Washcloth

  • Paper towel

  • Water

Whether it is from an accident or carelessness, video game discs seem to get scratched more often than not. To help preserve a PS2 game from skipping or becoming unplayable, there is an at-home technique you can apply to repair a scratched game disc. The process is simple and takes only about 10 minutes to accomplish.

Hold the disc by placing a finger through the center hole and your thumb on the edge of the disc. This prevents any more scratches or fingerprints being left on the disc.

Carry the disc to the nearest sink and set it down with the underside facing up. Gently coat the disc with a quick rinse of room-temperature tap water. Hold the disc under the running water for a few seconds and rub around the disc to get any dirt or dust off of it.

Let the disc dry for a minute and open a tube of toothpaste. Place two small dabs of the toothpaste on the PS2 game disc. Gently spread the toothpaste around until the disc is completely covered. Do not push too hard, or the disc could become more damaged.

Set the disc down once the toothpaste has been applied. Wait 5 minutes for the toothpaste to settle in and dry.

Take a damp washcloth and remove the toothpaste. The best method for toothpaste removal is by going out from the center and creating straight lines to the edge. Do not remove it in circular motions or go around the disc because more damage can be caused.

Rinse the disc to make sure all excess toothpaste has been removed. Dab the disc dry with a paper towel or dry washcloth. Make sure there are no drops of water left that could damage the PS2 system.

Test the game in the PS2 system. If the game fails to work again, then it may need a greater scratch remover like the Game Doctor. You could also try the toothpaste method again for deeper scratches.