How to Watch Free Movies on the Internet

By Laurie Swenson

Updated September 22, 2017

watching free movies on the Internet gives you a front-row seat.
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Watching free movies on the Internet doesn't -- and shouldn't -- require downloading pirated content. Viewers have a number of sources to which they can turn for free legal movie viewing. Whether you're on the road for sales meetings or staying far from your home entertainment system, various online resources give you a wide range of entertainment options outside of standard cable TV fare.

Internet Archive

Navigate to the Internet Archive's Movie Archive (see Resources 1). Scroll down to "Sub-Collections" in the center panel and select the "Movies" category, or one of the other categories, from "Animation & Cartoons" through "Youth Media."

Click on the "Feature Films" category, which is the most likely to have commercially produced films. Select a genre from the resulting list. Select the film of your choice and press the "Play" arrow when the movie opens.

Alternately, browse through links on the main Movie Archive page, search for a movie by keyword or visit the Movie Archive's list of feature films sorted by popularity.


Navigate to the Hulu website (see link in Resources 2). Though movies can be viewed without a Hulu account, an account is required to view certain content. Create an account by registering in the section located beside the "Sign In" link at the top of the page.

Mouse over the "Browse" drop-down menu at the top left of the screen. Mouse over "Movies" and click on "Genres." (You can also click on "Staff Picks" to view preferred movies by Hulu staff.)

In the list of genres, click a movie genre. The most popular are listed at the top: Drama, Documentaries, Comedy, Action & Adventure, International and Horror & Suspense. Select a sub-genre from the resulting list, or choose a movie from the "Most Popular" category at the top of the list. Click the "Play" button to watch the movie.


Navigate to the Crackle website. Click on "Movies Free & Uncut."

Browse within the resulting list of featured movies, or click on the "Most Popular" or "Recently Added" tabs. Within any of these categories, click on "See All" on any sub-category to see all movies available.

Scroll over a movie to view the "Play" button, and click it when you've found a movie you'd like to watch.


You may have to view commercials to watch some free movies online. In addition to watching movies on a computer, you may also be able to use a tablet or smartphone, or plug a streaming video player into your TV. For a subscription charge of less than $10, you can get more movies by subscribing to Netflix or Hulu Plus.


Make sure movies are legitimately free to avoid potential legal problems.