How to Create a Steam Account

By Craig Brewer

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Internet access

  • Active e-mail account

  • Credit card or PayPal account

Steam is a video game downloading service for personal computer users. The service allows you to purchase both recent releases and old classics, and you also receive any and all updates as they are developed. To get started with Steam, however, requires that you create a gamer account.

Go to the Steam website, listed below, and click on the "Get Steam Now" button. This will download and install the Steam client to your PC.

Click "Save Now" in the box that appears, and write down the location on your hard drive where the file is being saved. Note that Internet Explorer will open this file automatically while other web browsers will not.

Find the saved file and click on it to start the installer program if it did not install automatically.

Enter the personal information that the program asks for. It will ask for your payment information here, but note that you will not be charged at all until you order an actual game. There are no fees just for signing up for Steam.

Create a user name. Note that other players will see this name when you are playing a game online, so choose something both fun and anonymous to protect your real identity.

Before finishing entering all the information, go to the section marked "Privacy." Be sure to click "Hide personal information" in order to prevent other Steam users from seeing your real name and email address. You may share this with friends you have online, but it is wise to hide this information from the start, as there have been issues in the past with breaches of user privacy.

Click "OK," and start browsing the wide catalog of games available. You can purchase any game on its information page, and the download will start immediately.


Your Steam account can keep a list of "friends," or other gamers you have met and enjoy playing with. Only add "friends" to your account if you are comfortable being contacted any time you load the Steam client as everyone on your "friends list" will be alerted when you come online.