How to Work the Wii Console

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Work the Wii Console
i Nintendo

The Nintendo Wii console is a gaming system that allows users to connect to the Internet, download extra content, and play a variety of games. The Wii uses a new kind of controller called a Wii Remote that you swing around to reposition a pointer on the screen or cause a character in a game to move in different directions.

The AV Cable

Connect the flat square end of the AV cable into the back of the Wii console. Connect the tri-colored RCA jacks at the other end of the cable into the back of your television. Put the flat end of the AC cable into the second port on the back of the console and then hook the other end into a wall outlet to supply your Wii with power. Slide the console into the plastic stand to keep it standing upright. Set the white Wii sensor bar near your television so there is a clear line of sight between the sensor bar and the area where you will be sitting.

The Wii Remote

Pull open the battery slot on the back of the Wii remote and put in two AA batteries. Make sure that the area immediately around you is clear of obstacles such as chairs or people as you may need to move around depending on what game you are playing. Connect the wrist strap on the Wii remote to your wrist and tighten it so that it is snug but not uncomfortable.

Press the button at the top end of the front of the console to turn on the power. Use the Wii remote to hover the pointer over the channel that you want to access. Press the "A" button to access the channel. Choose the Wii Game channel to play a normal Wii game, the GameCube channel to play an older GameCube game, the Mii channel to customize your Mii avatars, or the Forecast and News channel to access the free Internet features. Access the Wii Shop channel to purchase games or other software programs through your Internet connection.

Go into the Mii channel and make your own Mii avatars to represent yourself and your friends who will be using the console. Go through the list of facial features and body sizes to make your avatar look more like yourself.

Pop open the white plastic cover on the front of the Wii console. Put an SD card with pictures or MP3s into the SD slot and then access the Photo channel to view slide shows of photos or listen to music.

Connect your Wii console to the Internet through a wireless router by going into the "Wii Options" channel and then choose the "Management" option. Click on "Internet Settings" and then choose the "Find Internet Connection" option to connect to a local area network that you already have setup. Connect to the Internet through a wired connection by purchasing a USB-to-Ethernet adapter through Nintendo and then connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the Wii.

Access the "Parental Control" feature from the "Wii Options" menu if you want to set the Wii Store section to only allow "Teen" or "All Ages" rated games to be downloaded.

Slide a Wii game disc into the disc port at the front of the console and then press the "A" button on the Wii Game channel to start the game.


Nintendo provides free wrist strap upgrades if you purchased your system prior to December of 2006. To download premium content on the Wii Store channel you will need to either purchase a card at a gaming store that has "Wii Points" or you can purchase the points directly through the channel by entering in your Visa or MasterCard information. Nintendo sells rechargeable battery packs and a charging stand for the Wii remotes so that you don't have to constantly buy new batteries.


Move the Wii remote in small and light passes instead of jerking or hard movements to prevent accidentally throwing or breaking the remote. The front section of the Wii will glow a bright blue color if your Wii is connected to the internet and you receive an e-mail, get a message from a friend, or there is a new update available to any of your Wii software programs. To play older GameCube games you will need to connect a GameCube controller to the extra ports on the top of the Wii and use a GameCube memory card.