How to Save Songs on a USB Flash Drive

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

Store your songs on your USB flash drive.
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Ever been on the run and forgot to upload a song to your MP3 player? Perhaps you purchased a song while at work, school, the library or a friend's house and you cannot transfer it to your device right away. Storing your new tune on a USB flash drive keeps your song safe until you can copy it to your MP3.

Connect your USB flash drive to the computer. Locate an unused USB port on your computer and plug the flash drive in.

Click on "My Computer" and look for your "Removable Disk" folder to make sure the computer is recognizing your USB flash drive.

Locate the song in the file you saved it to on the computer.

Highlight the song you want to save to your USB flash drive and drag it over to the "Removable Disk" folder. Press the "CTRL" key while dragging the song over to copy it; press the "SHIFT" key while dragging to move the song from one folder to the other.

Wait for your song to finishing copying or moving into your USB flash drive folder.

Double-click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the lower right-hand side of your computer. Select your USB flash drive. Click "Stop" and remove your USB flash drive when you're told it is safe to do so.


Keep yourself organized by keeping all your music files in one place. Make sure you have all folders that you are working with up on your desktop.


Remember to keep your USB flash drive in a safe place to avoid damage from heat or moisture.