How to Block Phone Number On Virgin Mobile Phone

By Editorial Team

Is there any phone number bothering you, you do not want to receive any calls or messages from it and you have a virgin mobile phone. With a virgin mobile phone you will not be able to block certain number from calling you, but you can block its text messages. The following steps help you to do that.

Go to and access your account using your phone number and PIN number. Then click on 'messaging setting' on the left bar.

On the messaging setting page, scroll down to 'block text', add the phone number you like to block its messages and click 'update'. Also you can block an email address from sending to you emails on the phone using the same form.

Other option you can use, call virgin mobile customer service from your phone using *86 and they will help you to block messages from certain phone number.

To unblock the phone number text messages, call the customer service and request to unblock the phone number.