How to Renew a TV Guide Subscription

By Deborah Cohn

Updated September 22, 2017

Renew a TV Guide Subscription

If you subscribe to TV Guide magazine, you know it's a very handy way to explore TV listings and read up on your favorite shows and stars. Renewing your subscription is simple, whether you want to do so through the mail, over the phone or online.

Pick a site through which to renew. There are dozens of sites that offer subscriptions and renewal subscriptions to TV Guide. You can use the TV Guide site itself, or any of the others linked in Resources.

Enter your personal and payment info. Approve your purchase. Your subscription will continue uninterrupted.

To renew by mail, retrieve a subscription insert card from the last TV Guide you received. Fill out the relevant personal information, making sure to indicate that you are a current subscriber.

Indicate whether you will be paying by check or credit card, or whether you want the renewal to be billed to you. Fill out payment information if applicable.

If you are paying by check, put the check and the insert card in an envelope, address it to the magazine, stamp and send. If you are paying by credit card or requesting to be billed later, there is no need for postage--just fill out the card and send.

If you don't feel comfortable renewing online and can't find a subscription card, renew by phone. Call TV Guide Magazine Customer Service at (800) 866-1400. Be sure to have your mailing and payment info handy. A customer-service representative will take you through the renewal process.


Note: The TV Guide site is no longer associated with TV Guide magazine. TV Guide online is a great source for TV listings and entertainment news, but offers no subscription, customer service or contact info for the magazine.