How to Set Road Runner as a Home Page

By Amanda Kondolojy

Updated September 28, 2017

When you open up your internet browser, the first website that you are automatically directed to is referred to as your browser's "home page." This page can be anything you want, from a favorite blog to an email hosting page. The Road Runner page is useful as a homepage, as it contains links to relevant news and access to your Road Runner-branded email.

Go to the official Road Runner home page. (See Resources below for a direct link.)

Go to the top of your web browser and click on the "Tools" menu. From there, go to the "Internet Options" tab. This works for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Find the "Home" icon and click on it. There should be a text box which lists the current "home" page for your browser, which is the first screen you see when you open your browser.

Copy the web address for the Road Runner website, "" into the blank home page text box. You can do this by either copying and pasting the text from the address bar or typing it in manually.

Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the options menu, and then close the browser. When you reopen it, the Road Runner homepage should be the first thing you see.


You can also click on a link on the main Road Runner page to make it your homepage, but this only works in Internet Explorer. Trying it in other browsers only redirects you to a support page.