How to Clear a Playstation Memory Card

By Sheila Robinson

Updated September 22, 2017

PlayStation console
i Copyright free image by Andy Culpin

A PlayStation memory card, ,PS1 or PS2, must be used to save a player's progress in a game. Without it, every time the game is loaded you will need to start over. Most cards are also limited to about eight megabytes of space. Fortunately, the PlayStation memory card can be cleared by deleting its files manually. Follow these easy steps and you will make plenty of room for your game saves.

Insert your PlayStation memory card into its slot. For original PlayStation, or PS1, console users, locate the slot on the front side of the gray console just below the black "1" or "2" label. On the PlayStation 2, or PS2, console, find one above each of the two controller slots.

Turn on the PlayStation console and TV. Do not load any game/DVD/CD into the console. Loading any of these types of media will prevent access to the memory card. When the menu appears, select "Browse"--it will highlight in blue--and press the "X" button.

Enter the "Memory Card" menu. On this screen an image of the available memory card(s) should be visible. Press the "X" button located at the bottom of the screen with the game controller's directional buttons to enter the menu. If you accidentally select the wrong memory card, press the "O" button to go back to the previous menu.

Look at the game files on your memory card.They will be displayed as image icons. Navigate through any of the files using the directional buttons on your controller. This will also show you the title of the game that is highlighted.

Select an unwanted file to be removed. Be careful not to delete the main PlayStation system configuration file. This is identified by an icon that looks like the PlayStation console. When an appropriate file is selected, start the deletion process by first pressing "Enter" with the "X" button. You will then be taken to another menu screen.

Choose the "Delete" option and select "Yes" with the "X" button to remove a file permanently.The system will then take you back to the page with all the existing game files. If you want to move your files to clear your memory card instead of removing them completely, continue on to step six. Otherwise, repeat this step to delete all other unwanted game files.

Insert a second memory card into an empty PlayStation slot. Select a game file that you want to move. Use the directional buttons and select "Copy" instead of "Delete." The screen will then display the available memory cards. Choose the appropriate card and select "Yes" with the "X" button. After the file is saved, the system will take you back to the remaining game files. Repeat this step to save any additional files.