How to Copy Music From a DVD

By Michael Cantrell

Updated September 22, 2017

Copy Music From a DVD

A recordable DVD can hold up anywhere from 500 to 1200 songs on one disc depending on the length of each song and the size of each file. This is much more convenient for transporting music from PC to PC than CD-R discs due to the much larger amount of songs a DVD can hold on it. You can copy these files straight from the DVD disc right on to your computer.

Open the disc drive on your PC and insert the recordable DVD that contains the music you would like to copy. Make sure that the disc is inserted properly with the shiny side down and the label side up. Close the disc drive.

Go to the Start menu icon located in the bottom left corner of your computer screen and click on it. When the menu pops up go click on "My Computer" and wait for the My Computer screen window to open.

Look for the icon on the screen that looks like a CD disc and says "DVD" on it. This icon should be located under the heading "Devices with Removable Storage." Once you locate the icon double click on it. A new window will open up that will display all of the individual files located on the DVD.

Go to the top of the window, find the word "Edit" and click on it. After you click this a drop down menu should appear. Scroll down the menu until you come to "Select All." Once you click this all the music files on the DVD should be highlighted blue.

Go to one of the blue highlighted music files and right click on the file. Another drop down menu should appear. Scroll down until you get to the word "Copy" and click on it. This has now copied all of your DVD music files.

Open up your My Music folder, go to the word "File" at the top of the window, click "New", and then click "Folder." Create and name the folder that you will be storing your music files in.

Open up the newly created folder and right click anywhere in the blank screen. Scroll down through the drop down menu and select "Paste." The files you copied from the DVD should now begin downloading on your hard drive. When the download is finished remove the DVD.