How to Play Axis & Allies for Free

by ContributorUpdated September 15, 2017

Axis & Allies is a board game in which the players choose sides in a World War II simulation. The original game sold over a million copies. You can play an online version for free.

Navigate to GameTable Online (gametableonline.com/login/register.php).

Create a free account by registering. Enter the requested information in the appropriate fields. Click the "Register" button when done. You have registered an account and will receive a confirmation email.

Log on to your newly created account. Access the Axis & Allies live game or play the single-player mode against the server, located in live Premium Games section.


Due to the Internet child safety guidelines, if you are under the age of 13, you may not register for GameTable Online.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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