How to Become The Law in The Sims 2

by Nate Chang, eHow Expert ; Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • The Sims 2

  • The Sims 2: Seasons expansion

Does your Sim have a passion for law and a penchant for starting arguments? Do they revel in debate and find themselves wanting to win every argument? Perhaps you should consider a career in Law for them. Starting as a File Clerk, your Sim can work their way through the ranks of the legal system to become The Law itself. Sound interesting?

Become a File Clerk. Every career starts somewhere; this is where the Law career path starts. The hours are long and the job thankless, but the position is purely temporary for the motivated Sim. Start working on your Sim's Logic and Cleaning Skills.

Practice that speech. Above all else, your law-minded Sim needs to be an effective communicator. Persuading a jury and winning cases can only be done with outstanding interpersonal skills. To this end, your Sim will need all ten Charisma points to become The Law. Practicing Speech in the mirror is a great way to build Charisma. Remember to mingle; spending time around other Sims will help too.

Play Chess. In order to analyze the facts, sift through mountains of data, reports and statements, your Sim will need top-notch analytical skills. Starting from the very beginning, your Sim will need to be practicing their Logic Skills in order to get ahead. They will need seven points of Logic to become The Law. Playing Chess with a friend is a great way to both increase Logic and get a good Social boost.

Keep clean. A clean-cut appearance and demeanor are absolutely essential for courtroom and office jobs. After all, what jury would take a slovenly lawyer seriously? Your Sim will need eight points in Cleaning, starting from the very beginning, in order to become The Law.

Spend some time around other Sims. No lawyer ever made partner by being antisocial. Likewise, your Sim will never advance down the Law career path without making friends with other Sims. Your Sim will need at least 13 friends to become The Law.

Find a hobby. While it is a tremendous public service, The Law makes surprisingly little money when compared to other careers. With that in mind, your Sim would benefit tremendously from a second source of income. Hobbies such as toy making, flower arranging or gardening are excellent ways to bring in a few extra Simoleans when you can spare the time.

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