How to Watch TV on the Internet

by eHow Contributor ; Updated September 22, 2017

You don't need a 42-inch high-definition 3-D television to watch TV. Simply sign on the Internet with your favorite browser and surf to any number of sites that offer full episodes of television programming. Major networks such as NBC and ABC stream most of their hit television shows. Other sites offer vintage shows.

Go directly to the TV network websites to watch programs. You can watch TV on all four major networks: Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Viewing network programming on the Internet allows you to watch your favorite shows with fewer interruptions and with high quality reception. In addition to watching your favorite current shows such as "Dancing With the Stars," you may be able to find classic shows such as "Miami Vice" on the NBC website.

Join Netflix to watch movies and television shows online. As of May 2011, a Netflix account cost $7.99 a month for unlimited viewing of programming on the site. In addition to movies, Netflix offers full episodes of current and older TV shows. The biggest benefit of watching TV on Netflix is no commercials.

View full TV episodes on YouTube. Much of YouTube's offerings are limited to clips of television programming. However, you can find full episodes of classic television shows such as "Bewitched" and the immortal "My Mother the Car." Click on "Shows" when you get to the YouTube home page.

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