How to Add a Live Traffic Feed to your Website or Blog (Free)

By Brandy Alexander

Updated September 15, 2017

When you run a website or blog, you have the option to add a live traffic feature to your pages so you can monitor activity. A live traffic feed appears in a designated area on your page, and shows real-time information, such as how many people are currently visiting your website, what country they reside in and what page they are looking at. Use a free, online provider, such as Feedjit or, to generate the live traffic feed code and publish it on your site.


Browse to the Feedjit website and enter the requested information, including your name and email address, to register for the free live traffic feed widget. Feedjit's traffic feed publicly displays how many visitors you have at a given time, where they are coming from and the page they are viewing on your site. Click the "Get Your Traffic Feed" button to continue.

Click the menus to configure your widget. For example, click and drag the slider menu under the "Number of Visitors Feedjit Shows" to define the number of visitors to display in the live traffic feed at one time. Click the drop-down menus under "Customize Your Color Scheme" to pick the colors of your widget's layout.

Click the drop-down menu next to the "Install Feedjit on My" title, and then click a blog platform, such as "Blogger Blog," to get the code and specific instructions on how to install it. If you have a website or don't see your blogging platform listed, click "Other Blog or Website." Click the "Go" button to continue.

Copy the code that displays and then bring up your Web page or log in to your blog account. Access the HTML code for your page and paste the widget code where you want the live feed to appear. Save your file.

Point your browser to and click the menus to configure your live traffic widget. The live traffic feed widget publicly shows the number of visitors you have, the country they are browsing from and the time that they arrived on your page.

Configure your widget using the available menus. For instance, click the "Text Color" button and then click a shade in the color box to specify the color of the widget's content. Click the "Number of Visitors to Show" drop-down menu to select how many people show up in your widget at a given time.

Click the "Generate Code" button and copy the code that displays.

Log in to your blog account or bring up a Web page file. Access your site's HTML code area and paste the widget code where you want it to display. Save your work.


Live traffic feed widgets are typically placed in the sidebar area of a website or blog so that the widget shows up on every page. See your blog's "Help" page for assistance in locating your HTML code and editing the sidebar area.