How to Become Minister of Education in The Sims 2

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • The Sims 2

  • The Sims 2: Seasons expansion

Not all Sims aspire to fame and fortune. For many Sims, the call of civic duty is stronger than the call of adventure. For more studious Sims, a career in education can be very rewarding for those willing to put the time in.

Keep a modest house. While it may be fulfilling for your Sim, Education is not one of the more profitable career tracks. While it is by no means the least rewarding financially, it will also not make your Sim rich. Make sure your Sim is able to live within their means as an educator, lest the Repo Man come knocking.

Become a Playground Monitor. Every career starts somewhere; Education starts here. Get used to dealing with complaints, scraped knees and playground snitches. Fear not though! Advancement to Teacher's Aide awaits the upwardly mobile Sim.

Become a neat freak. If your Sim is naturally obsessed with cleanliness, this will be a snap for them. If your Sim is in no way concerned with hygiene, this will be a nightmare. Your Sim must have an innate knowledge of cleanliness in order to advance in the Education career track. They will need nine points of Cleaning to become the Education Minister.

Practice your speech. As a teacher, your Sim will be speaking to other Sims all day long. Good public speaking skills and a way with people are essential to keep the job going smoothly and are absolutely indispensable when it comes to advancement. Your Sim will need eight points in Charisma to become Education Minister.

Play lots of Chess. In order to teach a variety of subjects and disseminate information in an efficient manner, your Sim must become intimately familiar with the principles of logic and reason. Starting with the level of Substitute Teacher, your Sim will need increasing amounts of the Logic Skill in order to advance. Your Sim will need all ten Logic points in order to become Education Minister.

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