How to Get Rid of Cookies

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Computer cookies, also known as tracking cookies or Internet cookies, are stored Internet data. They are used for authenticating Web information. More specifically, they retain detailed information about the computer user, such as a password or shopping, cart by tracking the session from the Web page. Because cookies track browsing actions, cookies destroy Internet privacy. Cookies aren't viruses or spyware but can be used maliciously. For these reasons, you should periodically get rid of your cookies.

Open Internet Explorer. Click on "Tools," "Safety" and "Delete Browsing History." Click on "Cookies" and click "Delete."

Click "Tools" and "Options" if you're a Firefox user. Select the Privacy menu. Click "Show Cookies" and "Remove All Cookies." Click "Close."

Clean more than just cookies by clicking the "Start" button. Type "Disk Cleanup" in the search engine. Select "Disk Cleanup" from the search results. Choose the items you want cleaned from your hard drive and click "OK." Click "Delete Files."


  • It is possible that cookies can be hijacked and even changed by another server. Your information can be stolen. Even more reason to delete your cookie cache.

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