How to extract music from World of Warcraft

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • MPQ extractor (provided)

  • World of Warcraft installed on your computer.

How to extract music from World of Warcraft so you can listen to it outside the game, or put it on your favorite MP3 player.

If you haven't already, install World of Warcraft onto your computer, plus any other expansions you would like the music for.

Download and install the latest version of MPQ Explorer from here: Be sure to select the correct version for your type of processor. If unsure, download the 32 bit version.

When the initial options box pops up after you first start the program, just hit ok.

In the main program window go to file->Open MPQ archive.

Find your World of Warcraft directory, then click on the Data directory, then open the file Common-2.mpq.

In the popup box, check the box that says "open this file in Read Only mode."

In the left pane, right click on the "sound" folder, and choose "extract".

wait for all files to extract.

The music will be on your desktop in a folder called "work". Enjoy!


The files are already in MP3 format, making for easy loading onto your ipod, or other MP3 player!


Be sure you are not running the game while you open the MPQ files. Do not edit any portions of the MPQ files, or your risk having to re-install your game. If you open in read only mode as stated above, you should be ok.