How to Delete Computer Programs

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Program/s you want to remove

  • Patience

Wondering how to remove those software programs you don't want on your computer anymore? If you are, follow these easy steps!

First you must figure out which computer program/s you wish to remove. Once you have found these programs, proceed to click the start button on your computer and go to control panel. You're "start" button may be in a different location besides the bottom left hand corner of the screen, therefore; make sure you locate the right button.

Once you reach the control panel, double click on the add/remove programs tab. Search the programs until you come across the one you're going to delete. Sometimes you will have to scroll all the way down if you're trying to delete recently added programs.

Once you've selected the program, click the "remove" button. This will bring up a separate window showing you that the computer program is deleting or has been deleted.

Finish the process up by quickly restarting your computer. You can choose to skip this step, however; when you delete software programs from your computer, you're system will run slow or different if it's not refreshed.


Never remove system programs as you may damage your computer. Deleting these programs will cause you operating system to either run slow or stop working!!

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