How to Make a Gift Certificate Using Photoshop

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer running Photoshop - Photoshop CS2 was used for this tutorial

  • A color printer or print service to produce hard copy of the gift certificate

This Photoshop tutorial provides detailed instructions for creating a professional, striking gift certificate for your business or organization. With a little help from some Web sources, you can create your own gift certificates quickly and easily.

Launch Photoshop on your computer. Select New from the File menu.

In the New dialogue box, set the Width to 8.5 inches, the Height to 3.62 inches, the Resolution to 300 and the Background Contents to White.

To download the beautiful background for your gift certificate, click on the link in the References section.

On this web page you will see the gift certificate image. You need to save this image on your computer. Right click on the image with your mouse and choose "Save Image As". Save the picture in your My Pictures folder.

In Photoshop, choose Place from the File menu.

Navigate to the background image that you saved from the internet in step 4 above. Select the image and click on the Place button. The image will now be placed on the gift certificate in Photoshop. Press the Enter key to accept the placing of the picture.

To personalize the gift certificate for your business or organization, select the Text tool from the Tools palette.

Click anywhere in the gift certificate with the Photoshop Text Tool, and enter the name of your business or organization. (For this tutorial, "Main Street Jewelers" was used as the business name.)

Click on the Move Tool in the Photoshop Tools Palette.

Select the Photoshop layer that contains the business name text.

In the Character Palette, select the font, font size and font color for your business or organization name. For this tutorial these were chosen: Font: Imprint MT Shadow Font Size: 38 pt Color: green