How to Listen to Free Music With Pandora Radio

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

If you're tired of your current music library, looking for something new and don't want to pay for it, learn how to find and listen to new music with Pandora Radio. This free service allows U.S. residents to type in some of your favorite songs and discover new music based upon your tastes. You can also pay a fee to access additional features.

Go to Pandora.com and enter an artist or song of your choice.

Look through the list of songs and artists that pops up. Select the one you want or click "Listen Now." This allows you to explore new genres and artists similar to your choice. If you like the song, click the thumbs-up sign, and if you don't like it, click the thumbs-down sign. Clicking thumbs-up means more songs will be played like it, and clicking thumbs-down means the song will never be played on that station again.

Click the "Create a New Station" button in the top-left corner of the window, and type a song or artist in the text box to create a new station around a particular song or artist. Either click on one of the options in the drop-down list that pops up, or click the "Create" button to listen to the new station.

Look to the bottom section of the left side of the window. There should be a "Genre Stations" link. Click on it to search for music by genre, and then click on a genre category to get an even bigger breakdown. If it turns out you don't like any of the subcategories, look to the upper-right corner of the lower section for a "Back to categories" link, which takes you back to the genre categories page.

Register to continue listening once you're prompted to do so. You'll need to enter an email address and password as well as your birth year, zip code and gender. If you don't want any emails from Pandora, uncheck the "Send me personalized recommendations and tips" box.


Clicking the "Listen Now" or "Create" button may choose the wrong song or artist because there are often artists and songs with the same name. If this is the case, click the "Hey! That's not what I wanted" button to get a list of all the songs and artists with that name, and choose the one you want.

You'll be limited in the number of times you can skip songs while listening. With a free Pandora account, you can skip a total of 12 per day.

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