How to Defeat the Heckran Boss in "Chrono Trigger"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Defeat the Heckran Boss in
i SquareEnix

The Super Nintendo role-playing game Chrono Trigger features a variety of boss fights that vary in difficulty. Just under halfway through the game, your party of adventurers will face a huge reptilian monster named Heckran that cannot be damaged by normal attacks. To defeat him, you will need to use a strategic combination of magic attacks and healing items.

The Mystic Village

Play through the game until your party reaches the area called Mystic Village. Head outside the village and travel west to the nearby mountain range.

Inside the Cave

Head inside the cave at the south end of the mountains. Fight the monsters inside the cave repeatedly until the characters named Lucca and Marle learn the spell called "Antipode."


Go to the very back of the cave system and approach the large blue monster called Heckran to initiate combat.

Fighting Heckran

Have Lucca and Marle cast the Antipode spell on Heckran and then have the character named Chrono use his lightning bolt spell. Wait for Heckran to attack and then have Chrono use curative items to heal the party members that get hit.

Hold off on attacking when Heckran leans over and holds his claws out, as that indicates that he will unleash a devastating counter-attack. Use healing items during this time or simply just wait until Heckran moves back to his original position to resume attacking. Continue casting spells on Heckran until you have dealt 2,100 points of damage to defeat him.


Don't bother trying to buy new weapons or healing items in Mystic Village, as the monsters who live there won't sell anything to your party. Equip the item called a Magic Scarf on one of the characters to make their magic spells deal more damage against Heckran.


Do not use physical melee attacks against Heckran, as they won't deal any damage to him.