How to Sell Your Laptop for Parts

By Marissa Black

Updated September 28, 2017

Do not toss that old laptop into the trash. Even if your used laptop is not in working order, your laptop is not worthless. Before you head out to the store to buy a new laptop, try to earn a few dollars towards your purchase. You can turn your old laptop into cash by selling the laptop for parts. Sell the entire laptop to someone who is in need of replacement parts for their own computer.

Determine if you will sell the entire laptop for parts. You might choose to take the laptop apart and sell individual parts. In some cases you might make more money by selling individual parts to several different customers rather than selling the entire laptop for one flat fee. Therefore, if you have the technical knowledge to take the best parts off of the laptop to sell, consider that option.

Set a price for your laptop or for the individual parts that you will be selling. You can search online auction Websites to help you determine competitive pricing for your laptop or parts. See the links in our Resources section. Search the prices of current listings of laptops and parts most comparable to your own for the best results.

Prepare to list your old laptop for parts on eBay. You can reach potential buyers from throughout the country or even worldwide. Take pictures of your laptop or laptop parts to include on your listing. Make certain your listing clearly states that the laptop is being sold for parts only if you are selling the entire laptop.

List your laptop for sale online by posting an ad on the Craigslist classifieds or other online classified Websites, especially ones aimed at your local area. Select your state and the city closest to where you live. Your listing should specify that the laptop is not in working order, and you should explain that it is being sold for parts. List the asking price for the laptop or parts on the ad. Specify how you want to be contacted by potential buyers.

Determine whether you want to list your laptop for sale in the local newspaper. This will probably depend on how much it will cost you to place an ad. If your local paper does not have a wide audience, it might not be worth the rate you would pay for advertising.

Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who needs laptop parts. There might be someone in need of specific parts or an individual who rebuilds laptops. Selling to someone you know personally or someone a friend knows will make the process simple and easy.


Post pictures of your laptop if it is in good shape even if it is not working. People are more likely to trust that the parts they need will work if they see a quality picture of the laptop.


Do not accept personal checks from buyers whether you sell your laptop online or in person. There is too much of a risk that someone will write you a bad check.