How to Win an Economic Victory in Civilization Revolution for the Xbox 360

by M. Wade ; Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox 360

  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution for the Xbox 360, an addictive turn-based strategy game, crowns you as the leader of one of 16 great civilizations. There are four ways to win the game: economic victory, cultural victory, domination victory, and technology victory. To win an economic victory, you must practice frugality and diplomacy to acquire 20,000 gold pieces and build the World Bank Wonder before your opponents can achieve victory.

Build multiple cities. Build a settler unit to create a new city when your capital city achieves a level three population. Settle at least five cities. Creating multiple cities early will allow you to later dedicate one or two cities solely to gold production without compromising your civilization’s ability to defend itself against attacks.

Increase production in all cities. Research technologies that will increase production in your cities, especially your gold hubs. This will ensure that you can later build larger projects, such as banks and economic Wonders to help increase your gold production. Key technologies to research in order to win an economic victory include bronze working, currency, the Code of Laws, and literacy.

Construct buildings and Wonders that increase gold production. In your gold hub cities, construct banks and markets. The bank alone will quadruple your gold production, while a market adds two gold production points. Build the Trade Fair, East India Company, and Internet Wonders in your gold hubs later to further increase gold production.

Change your government to a democracy. After constructing buildings and Wonders that will increase your gold production per turn, change your government to a democracy to benefit from a 50 percent increase in gold production.

Build the World Bank Wonder. Once you acquire 20,000 gold pieces, your advisor will notify you that you can now build the World Bank Wonder. Defend your civilization and build the Wonder in your most productive city, not necessarily your gold hubs, to decrease the amount of turns it will take to complete the construction of the Wonder. Once the World Bank is completed, you will win an economic victory.


  • Be prepared for a greater challenge in achieving an economic victory in the more difficult skill level games, such as Deity. Adjust your strategy to more quickly acquire 20,000 gold pieces.

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