How to Complete the Bounty Hunter Quest in Neverwinter Nights

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Complete the Bounty Hunter Quest in Neverwinter Nights
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You will have a huge number of lucrative side quests to work through when your party reaches the city called Port Llast in the PC role-playing game Neverwinter Nights. One of the first of these quests will send your group chasing after dangerous criminals who have made a daring escape from the local jail and are now hiding out in the surrounding countryside.

Port Llast

Finish the first chapter of the game, then travel to the city called Port Llast. Go inside the barracks building and speak with the mayor of the city. Ask him if he has any jobs available for you. Accept his quest to hunt down the criminals who escaped from the jail.

The north road

Leave the city by the north exit and travel up the northern road to the Green Griffin Inn.

The minotaur

Go inside the Inn to find the minotaur named Zor, who is the first escaped criminal. Kill him and take his ear. Then leave the Inn and travel to the farmland to the northwest.

Search the large tree that has an unusual front opening to find the criminal named Stirge. Attack him once he comes out of the tree and take his ear.

Head back south and go onto the eastern road near Port Llast. Find the camp on the side of the road and go into the second floor of the main building to find the criminal named Delilah. Defend yourself when she attacks you, then take her ear as well.

Run to the south and enter the druid's camp to find the last criminal named Wyvern. Kill him and take his ear. Then return to Port Llast.

Give all of the criminals' ears to the mayor to complete the quest and earn a bonus of 1,200 gold pieces.


If you want your alignment to shift more toward chaotic good, you can choose to take the criminals' ears but still allow them to live and go on their way.


Try to attack Zor from a distance using a ranged weapon, as he has a special attack that can knock your character prone if he engages you in direct-melee combat.