How to Finish the Werewolf Quest in Neverwinter Nights

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Finish the Werewolf Quest in Neverwinter Nights
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Many of the quests you will be assigned in the PC role-playing game Neverwinter Nights deal with unique monsters that only exist in that particular game world. The Werewolf Hunter quest, however, will have you dealing with the tried-and-true werewolf. You can finish the quest by hunting down all of the werewolves in the various areas around the city of Port Llast and bringing proof of their demise to the local priest.

Complete the first chapter of the game, then travel to the seaside city called Port Llast.

A silver charm

Go into the temple dedicated to the deity Tyr and speak with the head priest named Neurik. Ask him about the people who have gone missing, then accept his quest to hunt down the werewolves he believes are responsible. Take the four silver charms he offers you, then head outside the city.

A wolf

Travel down the south road, then turn right and go inside the cave. Kill the wolves that will attack you and go to the very back of the cave to find the werewolf named Bran. Use the silver charm on Bran to cure him of his affliction and make him turn back into a human.

Leave the south road and walk over toward the Green Griffon Inn. Go inside the nearby cave and use one of the silver charms on the werewolf named Karathis.

Head over to the east road to find the next werewolf named Geth. Attack him until he surrenders, then force him to wear the silver charm.

Return to Port Llast and go into the farmhouse in the lower left corner of the area. Ascend to the second floor and use the silver charm on the werewolf named Urth.

Talk to Neurik in the temple again, and let him know you have cured four of the werewolves. Ask him where to go next. He will tell you to find the final werewolf, named Alhelor.

The werewolf tooth

Travel to the house standing near the Alliance Arms Inn and kill the final werewolf, who is hiding inside. Take one of his teeth and give it to Neurik to finish the quest.


For some additional experience points, you can kill the people who have been infected with lycanthropy instead of curing them with the silver charms--but doing so will make your alignment drop toward "evil."


Alhelor and Geth can only be hurt by silver or magically enchanted weapons, so don't try to attack them with a mundane blade or axe.