How to Play Little Big Planet

By Contributor

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PlayStation 3

  • Little Big Planet Game

  • Wireless Internet Connection

Little Big Planet is a new game available only for the PlayStation 3. This game is unique to others because this is the only game where you can become a creator and make you own boards or worlds. There are so many things to learn in this game, that it can be overwhelming and does take some time to learn.

Play the standard worlds built into the game and collect treasures along the way. The best way to start this video game and learn the basics is to play the levels that they have built into the game. You will learn the different actions of Sackman, your character, as well as how to perform basic moves. Everything is laid out in a tutorial form.

Dress your Sackman to show off your personality. Along the journey in the basic levels, you will gather items for your Sackman. There are endless opportunities on how you can dress and decorate your Sackman. If you like what you have created, you can take a picture of your dress-up combination and save it for a later time.

Play with others online. If you have a wireless internet connection at home, you can play with others in any world to help each other a long the way. Some of the tasks to collect items take more than one person to complete, and if you do not have anyone around you at home, you can find someone online to play with.

Play levels that others have created. Once you have completed the basic levels of the game and are ready to create your own, try out other's levels to see what they have created to play. This will get your wheel's turning and give you some ideas on how to create your own levels. You can also earn even more creations by playing other's levels.

Create your own levels. By this time you have a pretty good idea how to play the game. Make your board as unique as possible by creating your own landscape and creatures. The more time and effort put into your board, the more plays it will get in the online world.

Publish your board to the online world. Make sure you try your level before publishing it to the online world to make sure that everything is working properly. Create a title or name for your level, as well as a short description of what the game is about.


Playing the built-in boards can help you earn materials and items to add into your own levels. Playing tutorials on how to create a level will earn you a ton of items.