How to Set a Dish Remote to TV

By Laura Hageman

Updated September 22, 2017

If you have Dish Network installed, a representative will set up the remote to your television. If you buy a new television, you will need to program the remote again. The Dish Network remote controls are sensitive to liquid spills and very hot or cold temperatures. Take proper care of the remote control to make it last a long time. The Dish Network remotes give a user the ability to rewind and pause the television program through the remote and DVR. You can program the remote yourself, without the aid of a Dish representative.


Turn on the television. If you still have the manual for your television, look in it for its code. This code helps the Dish Network remote control recognize your television. If you do not have the manual, research it on the television as you go through the following steps.


Press the "TV" button on the top left of the remote control. Hold it down for about three seconds. The top buttons will blink, then the TV button will continue to blink on its own.


Notice the up-and-down arrowed buttons on the center of the remote control. Press up and down as you search through the listing that will appear on the television screen. Select the number or push it in. If you already know the code, press the number in after Step 2.


Press the "Pound" (#) button on the bottom right side of the Dish Network remote after the code is selected. The "TV" button on the remote will blink three times if the number is correct and the television will automatically turn off.


Press the "Power" button on the remote control to turn the television back on. Press arrows up and down to see if the remote will change the channels on the television. If not, you may have used the wrong code and will need to repeat the previous steps.


Weather can knock out the connection from the Dish Network remote control to your television. In that case, reprogram the remote with these steps.


If liquid spills into the remote, you may have to replace it.