How to Make Flash Games

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Flash program

  • Flash MX professional software

Make Flash Games
i Adobe

The Adobe Flash software is generally used for animating short cartoons or adding interactivity to individual websites. Its versatile ActionScript scripting language and ability to draw its own graphics also make it a perfect option for programming games that will be played online through a web browser.

Write or draw an overall concept for the game, including all of the different actions the player can take, the graphics you will need and an objective that needs to be completed to win the game.

Design the major components of your game before beginning the coding, so you have a springboard to work from and a logical order to follow when creating the various aspects of the program. Figure out which classes and functions you will need to program to make the various parts of your game work smoothly together.

Open the Flash MX Professional program by double-clicking on the desktop icon, or by accessing the Start menu and clicking on "Programs."

Use the animation features of the Flash program to draw the graphical objects in the game, or import your own custom-made graphics from another program.

Code the standard functions and classes you will need to call multiple times during the course of the game, like the displaying and moving of graphical objects and the changing of a score or number of remaining lives.

Use an "If Then" loop to run continually while the game is on that confirms if objects still need to be drawn to the screen.

Access the "ActionScript" portion of the Flash software to script out specific events in the game, such as the displaying of text or changing of levels.

Save your project and play it on your own computer to test it for bugs.

Go back through your code and correct any mistakes that may cause unexpected crashes or game issues after testing.

Export your game to a website so other people can play it.


Many websites with a huge viewership host flash games for free or a small fee.