How to Find the Doom Sickle Weapon in "Chrono Trigger"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Find the Doom Sickle Weapon in
i SquareEnix

Several of the best weapons for your characters in the Super Nintendo role-playing game Chrono Trigger are hidden in secret areas. You can find the best weapon for the character named Magus by walking through an invisible hallway inside a fort controlled filled with deadly traps.

The Flying Time Machine

Play through the game until the party gains the flying time machine called the Epoch.

The World Map

Use the Epoch to go back in time to the year A.D. 600 and fly to the southeast area of the world map.

The Fort

Land the Epoch on the small island that has a fort surrounded by trees. Disembark from the flying machine and go inside the fort.

The Hidden Room

Walk through the fort to the room where there is a treasure chest behind a huge falling blade trap. Walk past the chest and then walk through the south wall into a hidden room.

Finding the Doom Sickle

Open the treasure chest on the right side of the room to find the Doom Sickle. Equip it on the character named Magus, as it is his best weapon available in the game.


The Doom Sickle does extra damage if one or both of Magus' allies have been knocked unconscious during combat.


If you try to get the treasure chest behind the blade trap, each member of your party will take a huge amount of damage when the blade falls.