How to Play Free Pacman Game

By Pam Gaulin

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Time to play

  • High-resolution monitor

  • Arrow keys

  • Flash player

Escaping Pacman
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Pacman was one of the first popular video arcade games in the early 1980s. Preteens and teens would save their quarters so they could spend hours playing the game. The main character is a little yellow circle who hungrily eats dots and earn points. The main character is chased around by four ghosts, who Pacman can eat if he eats an energizer first. There are also fruit bonuses and ways to earn free players. The game remains a classic today because it is simple, fun, and appeals to different age groups. Today, fans of the original game as well as new fans can enjoy the game online for free.

Visit a website offering free Pacman games online, including Click on "play game" to view the opening game screen. The game will start in about five seconds if you have Flash player installed.

Start the game and move the Pacman around with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Eat the dots while avoiding the pink, red, yellow, and blue ghosts chasing you.

Increase your power and points by eating the energizers located in the four corners of the first level of the game. Eat the ghosts, which have now turned dark blue, to earn more points.

Eat all the dots and ghosts to complete the first level. Eat any fruit that appears for added bonus points.

Navigate through the maze of each level, eating dots, energizers, ghosts, and fruit. Play again to develop your own strategy.


Use the maze entrances and exits to trick the ghosts.


If the games do not work, right click on the page to find out what software you might be missing.