How to Find A Halfway Point Between Two Locations

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • The addresses of the parties involved

Find a halfway point on a map

Need to meet up with a friend who lives in another area? Need to meet a client halfway between your office and theirs? Use these simple steps to find a halfway point between two locations.

Get the address of the person you would like to meet (street, city, state or street, zip code) **If you are not sure of the exact address, pull up the address of a school or other major building close by to use in your search.

Determine where you would like to meet - a coffee shop, a sushi restaurant, a park, a movie theater...
*If you are planning a road trip, use a hotel! If you need to have a larger meeting, use conference space.

Go to and type in both addresses and the point of interest you decided on in step 2.

Send the address to the person(s) you are meeting and enjoy!


If is having trouble finding your address, use the address of a large building nearby. Great way to save time and money when meeting a friend or colleague! Use it to plan playdates, meetings with friends, business meetings, blind dates, and road trips.