How to Reserve Movies on

By Matt Skaggs

Updated September 22, 2017

The Redbox app allows you to locate Redbox kiosks and reserve movies from your mobile device.
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The Redbox website allows you to choose which kiosk to rent your movie from and to choose to rent a DVD or, when available, a Blu-ray disc. Once your online reservation has been placed, you cannot cancel the request, and you will be charged for the day you reserved it, even if you pick it up on a later day.

Reservation Setup Information

Once you locate the movie you want to reserve, click “Hold DVD for Pickup” or “Hold Blu-ray for Pickup.” In the box that appears, enter your ZIP code or address to see a list of nearby Redbox kiosks. Click “Hold for pickup” by the location you prefer, and then click “Check out” to pay for the rental. You must enter payment information here if Redbox does not have that information already on file, and you will be billed when you check out.

Reservation Pickup Information

At the Redbox kiosk you selected, tap the “Reservation pickup” button and then swipe the card you used to reserve your movie, and your movie or movies will dispense from the kiosk. Your rental period ends at 9:00 p.m. the following day, though you can keep the movie for longer and you will be billed for each additional rental day. Failure to return the movie within the maximum rental period will result in Redbox charging your card for the movie.