How to Load Songs From a Computer on to a MP3 Player

By J.M. Willhite

Updated September 22, 2017

Load songs from your computer to your MP3 in no time.
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Remember the days of carrying around the bulky portable CD players and the cases that carried all your treasured tunes? Those days are gone. There is no longer the need to carry around multiple CDs to get the range and musical variety you all crave from time to time. For many who are new to the digital realm and are not as well versed as they would like to be, the initial process of uploading music to an MP3 player can seem a bit daunting, but once you get the process down, the transfer is quite quick and smooth.

Connect your MP3 player to the computer using the USB cord. Open the Windows Media Player program. When you open the program, your device will be recognized through the "Sync" button on the tool bar that runs across the top of the page.

Click on the "Sync" button. To the right, a column will appear that says "sync list" at the top. Below the sync list, it will say "Drag items here to create sync list."

Select the songs you wish to transfer by clicking on the song and literally dragging it over to the listing on the right. (Your library is located in the middle part of the screen, and your playlists and library listings are in a column to the left.) When your mouse is over the column, the text will lighten and a small box with a plus sign will appear. When this happens, let up off the mouse button. The new song will be listed in the sync list.

Click on the "Start sync" button near the bottom of the column when you are finished dragging over your desired songs. You will be taken to another screen that will have a listing of the songs you want to add. The computer will sync the songs to the device.

Disconnect the device when the synchronization is complete. When the sync is complete, the sync device column will return to the right of the screen. A message will appear letting you know that it is OK for you to disconnect your device. When you unplug the device, the MP3 player should flash a message that says, "Creating (or configuring) library."


Unlike when you remove songs from an MP3 player, when you are adding songs, you cannot add entire albums at one time.


Do not disconnect the MP3 player from the computer until you see a message telling you it is OK to do so.