How to Buy Pay Per View Movies on Directv

By Diana Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Renting movies has never been easier. Ordering pay per view movies through Directv guarantees that you will never miss new releases again. With Directv pay per view movies, you can watch new releases without having to leave your home.

Browse the Pay Per View Listings. When you are deciding what movie to pick, you can either watch the Directv pay per view preview channel, or you can browse the pay per view options on the internet. To watch previews on your receiver, simply turn to the pay per view preview channel. The previews will play just like the previews at a theater. You can also access the pay per view listings by clicking on “Pay Per View” and selecting “Movies” on the Directv website.

Select your title. Directv provides different options to keep your movie viewing interesting. They have titles for children, families, and adults. With new premiers every few days, there’s always something fresh to watch.

Choose the ordering method. Directv has three options for ordering movies through their satellite program. The first option allows you to order pay per view movies directly through your receiver, but only if you keep a phone line connected at all times. You can buy pay per view movies online, and you can also order movies over the phone. Whichever ordering method you prefer, you will find ordering pay per view movies through Directv is quite simple.

Purchase the Movie. To purchase a movie over the phone call (800)-DIRECTV and follow the prompts to make your purchase. To order online open Directv’s website, click on “Pay Per View,” select “Order Now,” and choose the programming category you prefer. After selecting the category, scroll through the listings and locate the movie you would like to purchase. Click on it. Choose the date you would like to watch the pay per view movie and click “Select Time.” Enter your preferred billing option and click "Order." When purchasing a pay per view movie using your Directv receiver, press the “Guide” button, select the movie, and select “Purchase now.”

Enjoy the film. Once your Directv pay per view movie has been purchased, you can watch it anytime during the day you selected it for. You can also record the movie if you have a Directv DVR receiver.