How to Delete Songs From an MP3 Player

By J.M. Willhite

Updated September 22, 2017

MP3 players have given us tremendous convenience and the availability of our favorite music. But there comes a time when we tire of the music we have been listening to for a while and want a change. Here are some easy steps to follow to delete songs or albums and update your MP3 player library using Windows Media Player.

Plug the MP3 player into the USB port. Open Windows Media Player, which will recognize that the device is plugged in and register under the "Sync" tab at the top.

Click on the "Sync" tab and and the library that is on your MP3 player will be displayed.

You can select individual songs or albums for deletion. Simply right click on the song or album to be deleted and scroll down to the "Delete" option.

After selecting "Delete," another window will come up which says "Are you sure you want to delete [title of song]?" There are two options at this point--you can delete from the library only or from the library and your computer. Select the one or the other and click "OK." The song will be deleted. The change will be displayed within the library onscreen.

When you unplug the player from the port, the library will adjust the files to reflect the change. The player will say "configuring library" or some other message to that effect. Once this has finished, the main screen will be displayed. Depending on the model of the MP3 player, there may be a message stating "library updated."


Do not disconnect your player until the device has recognized and registered the changes made.