How to Watch Free TV Online from Over 50 Websites

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • a decent internet connection

  • lot's of free time to enjoy all the free TV!

If you are tired of paying high prices to watch television you may want to try watching tv online for free. This is quickly becoming a popular choice among tv viewers and the quantity of available programs to watch is growing each day.

Here's how to watch free TV online from over 50 websites.

Look on the web sites of the television networks for your favorite TV shows to see if they offer any capabilities to watch free TV online. Networks add new shows online frequently, so if you do not see your favorite program be sure and check back to see if it becomes available.

If you can't find a TV show you are looking for offered online from a network's website, do an online search. Sometimes you can find shows offered by other websites that have agreements with the networks or those who own the rights to the TV programming. An example is Hulu.com. You can do a general search such as "free TV online", or look for specific shows such as "free Lost episodes online".

Look for online sources that offer television shows that are in the public domain or have expired copyrights. These types of shows are generally older shows that are available online from several sources. Simply do an online search for "public domain TV shows" and you will find several results.

To search a website for a listing of what free shows they offer, look for something on the site labeled "Shows Online", "Videos", "Full Episodes Online" or use the website' s search feature if they have one.

Once you find the list of TV shows offered on the website you choose, select the one you want to watch. Usually each show will have several episodes to choose from. The program may start once you click on a particular episode, or you may need to select "play".

Some websites offer streaming video which will play on most computers, but a few may require you to download special media players or download the shows first to your computer or other media device.

You will likely need a fast internet connection to watch free TV online. Shrinking down the screen size may help if your speed isn't fast enough or the shows stop to "buffer" regularly. Look for a small box or tab you can click on to change the screen size. This is usually located under or beside the screen image of the show you are watching.

Some web sites also offer the capability to select between high and low quality resolution. A lower resolution will play better on a slower internet connection.

See the resources section below for examples of over 50 web sites where you can watch free TV online. Choose the ones you want to use, or do your own search online using the steps above.

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