How to Play Indian Ball Baseball

By Jennifer Metz

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Baseball or softball

  • Baseball bat

  • Baseball glove

Indian baseball is a game that both adults and children can enjoy. Unlike baseball, you can play Indian ball with only a few people. This makes the game more appealing than baseball when there are just small groups.

Gather a group of people; at minimum you will need three. Ideally, you should have four to six players. You do not need to be on a baseball diamond, any open area will work.

Let the youngest player bat first. This will avoid any arguing over who should go first. If it works better, the oldest may bat first, or you may draw straws. Having a set "rule" for this will avoid any problems.

Choose someone to pitch. All that is needed is someone to get the ball over the plate. There are no called balls or strikes in Indian Ball.

Players should all take their positions. There are no bases in this game, so the only the batter and the pitcher have designated areas to play. Everyone else scatters around the field.

Pitch the ball until it is hit. The idea for the fielders is to catch the ball in the air or on the first bounce. If a player does this, that person is up to bat.

Field a ground ball. If hit, a player in the field must scoop up the grounder and stop. The batter lays down the bat on the ground, and the player rolls the ball and attempts to hit the bat. If successful, that player is now up to bat and the game resumes from the beginning. If not, the batter remains up.


Make sure you have a big enough open space to avoid damaging property.