How to Watch Network Television Shows for Free on the Internet

By Ariana Cherry-Shearer

Updated September 22, 2017

Internet television is quickly becoming a popular trend.

Did you miss your favorite television show the other night ? With the popularity of full length shows becoming available on the Internet, you no longer have to worry about planning out your TV schedule. Most broadcasting networks now offer their shows for free via the Internet. Look up your favorite television show and follow the simple steps below so that you can catch the show that you might have missed.

Be sure that you have high speed Internet access. Most shows play successfully on a high speed or broadband Internet connection.

Find out the broadcasting network that your show is aired on. Visit the network's website and look for the videos or shows category.

Search for the show of your choice within the channel's website. Most of the popular shows aired on the network will most likely be available via the Internet.

Click on show that you would like to watch. Be sure that you have the appropriate software to view the television show. Most require Windows Media Player, a flash object, RealPlayer, or Quicktime. Download the software if it is unavailable on your computer.

Wait for the sponsor commercials in between sections of the show. Most internet shows still have at least one commercial after a certain length of the television show has played.


Some laptops will plug into the newer television screens. Plug in your laptop and have a viewing party with your friends if you all missed out on your favorite show.