How to Play Scrabble Online for Free

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

i Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

With several free versions available online, you can play Hasbro's classic crossword game "Scrabble" anywhere. Since the name "Scrabble" is trademarked, not all the versions you can find are officially licensed and may feature minor variations or interesting twists on the game's existing mechanics. The basic gameplay remains the same, however, ensuring that you won't need to study any major new rules to get going.

On the Web

There are several websites that host "Scrabble" games, some bearing the official "Scrabble" brand and some with different names but almost identical gameplay. features "Just Words" and "Word Battle,' as well as downloads for several desktop and mobile versions of "Scrabble." Pogo also features an official "Scrabble" game, and "Lexulous" is a free to play "Scrabble" game. All these sites require registration for a free account to begin playing, except Pogo, where you can play against an AI player without signing up for an account.

On Facebook

Facebook also features several free to play versions of "Scrabble." EA developed the official Facebook version, as they did with most desktop editions of the game. "Words with Friends" is an unofficial game by Zynga that faithfully replicates the "Scrabble" experience. "Lexulous" is a Facebook version of the Lexulous game, itself an unofficial version of "Scrabble." All of these games are free to play, requiring only a Facebook account to play, and are pre-loaded with wordlists to prevent players from using abbreviations or illegal words.

iOS Devices

Your Apple iPhone and iPad also have several options for playing "Scrabble" for free on the go. There are free versions of the official "Scrabble" app, as well as "Words with Friends" and "Lexulous." "Scrabble" and "Lexulous" both feature paid versions as well, while "Words with Friends" is completely free. "Wordsmith Free" is another free game that stays close to the original game's style and can be upgraded to a paid version. For an additional twist, you can also try out "Wordfeud," which randomizes the locations of premium tiles on the board and "War of Words," which lets you steal some of your opponents words or even blow up their tiles.

Android Devices

Android devices also get their own selection of "Scrabble" apps, including a few free ones not available on other platforms. The official "Scrabble" app, "Words with Friends" and "Lexulous" are all present for free, with paid versions available for "Scrabble" and "Lexulous." "Aworded" is an Android-exclusive free game that stays faithful to the original "Scrabble" game while adding additional modes and extra features to keep things fresh. "Wordsmith Free" is also available for Android and can be upgraded to "Wordsmith Pro" or "Wordsmith Tournament" for a fee.