How to Play Blob Tag

By Tammy Quinn Mckillip

Updated September 22, 2017

Play Blob Tag
i Ledbury Disco

Blob tag is not only a fun game for kids of all ages. It’s also a terrific tool for learning about cooperation and trust between actors. Use the game as an ice breaker at your child or teenager’s birthday party, or teach it to your acting students as an exercise in physical coordination and imagination.The object of blob tag is to avoid being stuck to the human “blob.” The blob starts out as one person, who is “it,” but as the blob tags each player, the player becomes part of the blob and has to help to tag the next one.This game is most fun when played with at least five players and can be played with as many as 20. Choose who is going to be “it,” and have “it” go to one side of the room, while everyone else goes to the other side.

When the game begins, “it” must chase someone until she touches the person, thus incorporating that person into the blob, which now has two members on its team.

Wherever the person is touched by the blob, he becomes attached to the blob at that physical point. For example, if the blob tags a person by touching their head, the blob’s hand is attached for the rest of the game to that person’s head. This makes it more and more difficult to move as the blob becomes bigger, requiring more cooperation from the unit as a whole to tag more people.

Blob tag ends when only one person remains on the opposite team, and all other players have become part of the giant, messy blob.


For best blob results, the play space should be limited to a smaller area. Otherwise, it is too easy for the non-blob team members to escape the progressively burdened blob.


Have small children remove glasses, shoes, jewelry or other potentially sharp or harmful objects while they play so no one gets injured in the chaos.