How to Initialize a Memory Card on a Fujifilm Digital Camera

By Quinten Plummer

Updated September 15, 2017

Items you will need

  • Fujifilm digital camera

  • Memory card

  • Manual

Initialize a Memory Card on a Fujifilm Digital Camera

Initializing, or formatting, the contents of your memory card erases all of the data stored on the card--whether it's pictures, music or movie clips, it's gone. Initializing is helpful in cases where the data on the card may be corrupt or when you need to set up a memory card, as some cards have to be formatted before use. This guide will help you initialize your memory card and start from a clean slate, but don't forget to back up your data.

Power the camera on. Press and hold both the "Mode" button located on the top right of the camera and the "Trash" icon located on the back left of the camera.

Look for the letters "FOR" to appear on the LCD screen, then release the buttons. After releasing the two buttons, pause for a few seconds then hold them again.

Allow the initialization to complete. Do not press any buttons while the camera is in the formatting process. Once it is done formatting you may resume using the card and the camera.


Consult your manual if you have any troubles. Some Fujifilm cameras deviate slightly from the steps listed here.


Never disrupt the camera's power while formatting a memory card. Remember to back up any pictures you wish to keep before formatting. Formatting not only removes pictures, but it removes everything on the card.