How to Find the Player's Maze in "Planescape Torment"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Find the Player's Maze in
i Black Isle Studios

There are several extra-dimensional mazes in the PC role-playing game "Planescape Torment," where the enigmatic Lady of Pain sends criminals or people who try to buck the established order in the city of Sigil. If you find a way to annoy the Lady of Pain, she will send the main character of the game to a special Maze built just for him.

Leave the Mortuary where The Nameless One wakes up at the beginning of the game and go to the Alley of Dangerous Angles in the Hive section of the city of Sigil.

Alley of Dangerous Angles

Go inside the shattered temple in the middle of the Alley of Dangerous Angles and speak with the priest inside named Aola. Accept his offer to become a follower of the forgotten deity named Aoskar.

The Player's Maze

Leave the shattered temple and watch as a short cut-scene occurs where the mysterious Lady of Pain arrives and sends The Nameless One to the player's maze as punishment for choosing to worship Aoskar, which is outlawed in Sigil. If you follow this method of reaching the Player's Maze you will be unable to complete the "Moridor's Box" quest later in the game.

Pharod's Court

Continue playing through the game and ignore Aola for now if you want to find the alternate route to the Player's Maze. Complete the "Bronze Sphere" quest for the collector named Pharod in the city under Sigil, then go to the Lower Ward. After the cut-scene plays of Pharod being attacked by living shadows, return to his house under Sigil.

Pharod's Treasure Stash

Take the crutch from Pharod's body and go to the back of his home to open a portal that will take the party to a secret treasure stash. Take the rag doll shaped like the Lady of Pain from the stash. Open your inventory screen and try to use the rag doll as though you would any other item in your inventory. A dialog box will open with several options. Choose to pray to the rag doll fifteen times in a row. As soon as you return to Sigil, the Lady of Pain will show up and send The Nameless One to the Player's Maze.


Remove all of the members from your party in a single location before being sent to the Player's Maze, otherwise they will all be purged from the group and sent to different locations throughout Sigil.