How to Acquire the Paladin Ajantis in "Baldur's Gate"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Acquire the Paladin Ajantis in
i BioWare

A great fighter and decent healer, the holy paladin Ajantis is an excellent choice for a new addition to your party of adventurers in Baldur's Gate. Ajantis can be found wandering the hills north of the Friendly Arm Inn, searching for the cause of the increased bandit activity and iron ore shortage in the area.

Start a new game and create any sort of character that you'd like, choosing any of the race, class, gender, and alignment options available. Although Ajantis is a Paladin, he will join your party no matter which class you choose.


Play through the opening segment of the game, completing the quests in the Library of Candlekeep, until the main character's stepfather Gorion makes you leave.

The Sword Coast

Travel north up the Sword Coast until the party reaches the Friendly Arm Inn.

Go to the northernmost point of the Friendly Arm Inn area and choose to leave back to the world map. A new area should appear north of the Inn that looks like farm land.

The Paladin Ajantis

Enter the new area and continue traveling northward until you come upon Ajantis, who is seeking out the causes of evil in the area. Speak with Ajantis and ask him to join the party, at which point he will become a playable character.


As a Paladin of the Holy Order of the Radiant Heart, Ajantis is able to use the "lay on hands" ability to heal a wounded companion once per day, and can also cast the spells "detect evil" and "protection from evil."