How to Break Reekwind’s Curse in Planescape Torment

By Dan Ketchum

Updated September 22, 2017

In Planescape: Torment's intricate, Dungeons & Dragons-inspired world, the compelling -- and plentiful -- dialogue makes deviating from The Nameless One's quest to reclaim his memories an attractive proposition. Hearing the story of the eccentric Reekwind in the marketplace area of the Hive not only nets you some optional experience points, it affects The Nameless One's moral alignment, which in turn affects your interactions with the various denizens of Sigil and other planes. Before setting out, though, you'll need to have already gained access to the Clerk's Ward area.

Speak to Reekwind in the southwestern corner of the Hive. After reading Reekwind's unsavory description, engage in conversation with him by choosing “Greetings” and then “Who are you?” After he begins talking about names, choose the dialogue option “Dangerous?”

Choose dialogue options that encourage Reekwind to continue his tale, such as questions and kind comments. Avoid choosing the conversation-ending options at the bottom of the list, such as those that say “farewell” or “never mind.” Eventually, Reekwind offers to tell you his story in exchange for copper. Accept the offer.

Continue to respond with the “Listen” or “I...see” options. Avoid dialogue options that end or divert the conversation. Keep driving Reekwind to tell his story and you'll learn that he has been cursed with eternal stench by a mage.

Head to the Civic Festhall and speak to Salabesh the Onyx. Inquire about Reekwind and you'll learn that the name of the mage who cursed him is Jumble Murdersense.

Travel to the main room of the Clerk's Ward area in the Festhall and you'll see a mage walking around -- this is Jumble Murdersense. Engage in conversation with Jumble, asking him to remove Reekwind's curse and then threatening him. In the dialogue, you have the option to tell the truth or bluff. The truth favors an Evil alignment while bluffing moves your alignment toward Chaotic. In any case, Jumble curses you just as he did Reekwind.

Revisit Salabesh and you'll have the option to pay him to learn a curse of your own or insult his cursing abilities to learn the same curse. Either option does the trick.

Talk to Jumble Murdersense once again and use the curse on him, causing him to lose the ability to speak. You'll then have the option to remove his curse in exchange for him removing yours; choose this option and earn 10,000 experience points. Ask him, once again, to remove Reekwind's curse. He agrees, scoring you another 1,000 experience points.

Return to Reekwind to conclude his now stench-free story and grab another 5,000 experience points.


Your responses to Reekwind's story affect your alignment in different ways. If you tell him that his new name “fits [him] well,” your alignment becomes more Evil. If you actually have copper coins, telling him that you have no coppers to hear his story moves your alignment nearer to Chaotic; if you truly have no coppers and issue this response, you become more Lawful.

If The Nameless One's Wisdom or Intelligence stat is 13 or more, you have the option of telling Reekwind your own story. When he asks how how the story ends, telling him “What happens will happen” makes your alignment more Chaotic while saying that “it must have an answer” makes it more Lawful. The Lawful route also earns you 1,000 experience points while the Chaotic route only gets you 500.